On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 11:45 PM, Stefan Seelmann <seelmann@apache.org> wrote:
- Open the LDAP Search dialog
- (make sure the filter combo box contains some filters)
- In the filter field type in a "t", a popup with some proposals appears
- Press key-down

With Eclipse 3.3 the cursor in the popup moves down and you are able to
select one proposed attribute

With Eclise 3.4 the popup is closed and an older filter from the combo
box is selected.

Thanks Stefan, I was able to reproduce it.
That sucks a little... :(

It looks like the "KeyListener" of the Combo has a higher priority than the one for the content assist...

What can we do about it ?

> I couldn't reproduce this with the latest trunk on Mac OS X, nor Ubuntu.

It's fixed.

Cool... :)

> I've just tested this with the latest trunk and I was able to launch the
> application successfully on Windows.
> Could you try again and tell me if the problem still occurs in your
> environment please ?

Yes, it still occurs. I run "mvn clean install" and then tried to start
Directory Studio.exe"

That's insane...
We have the same environment Windows XP SP3 as a VM and it works for me and not for you...
There's something I don't understand...

If anyone could test it too on his Windows machine, it would be a great help.

BTW, I also noticed another bug with Eclipse 3.4 dependencies. The "Help" balloon ("?") icon seems to be missing and we get a red square instead. This can be viewed in Wizards for example. Maybe I removed too much lines in the plugin.xml files of our modified Eclipse plugins.