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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject Re: svn commit: r699310 - in /directory/studio/trunk: ./ aciitemeditor/ apacheds-configuration-feature/ apacheds-configuration-help/ apacheds-configuration/ apacheds-feature/ apacheds-help/ apacheds-launcher/ apacheds/ connection-core/ connection-ui/
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 12:02:56 GMT
On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 12:27 PM, Felix Knecht <> wrote:

> If you want a dist also with fast mvn build I son't see any other
> solution than moving this part of the help-pom.xml into every
> *help/pom.xml :-(
> The userguides profile may last in help-pom.

Yeah, that's also what I was thinking.

But there's also another drawback with this solution.
The command "mvn clean install" does not work as expected.
It will only clean the target folder and 'timestamp' file but won't
re-generate the HTML help because when the command line is launched the
'timestamp' file is there and then the profile is not activated...

I guess we should leave it as it was before we tried to implement this
functionality as it causing some troubles to the build...

I'm also wondering if we should not try to have a named profile that we add
to the command line if we want the generation of the help ("mvn clean
install -Pgenerate-help-plugins"). But I think this could cause issues when
using the release plugin.



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