Just look at the code in the JUnit base classes that enable a schema.  Push that code into your TestNG harness.  It's rather simple.


On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 8:15 PM, Mark Derricutt <mark@talios.com> wrote:
Replying to my own post - whilst I thought I was running this against 1.5.3 it seems I wasn't, at least for the tests which appeared to be using 1.0.2 or something.

I see that schema objects are configured in the constructor of DefaultDirectoryService which isn't accessable, and I also see that ApacheDS has moved to JUnit 4.4 for its current integration tests - which puts me in a pickle.

All I'm actually after is a way to embed/launch ApacheDS with a custom schema, for our app to talk to during its integration testing phase.  As we're using TestNG I'd like to do something thats not JUnit if possible, maybe some form of maven plugin which starts a server using a custom schema?

Any one have any ideas or suggestions?

On Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 11:36 AM, Mark Derricutt <mark@talios.com> wrote:

With the recent changes to AbstractServerTest in 1.5.4, how does one register custom schemas now?

Under 1.5.3 I was using:

        Set<AbstractBootstrapSchema> schemas = configuration.getBootstrapSchemas();
        schemas.add(new Smx3Schema());

where configuration came from the AbstractServerTest.  It looks like the test harness has changed a bit.  I"m actually using TestNG to execute my tests, rather than JUnit so hopefully theres still a way to handle this easily.

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"It is easier to optimize correct code than to correct optimized code." -- Bill Harlan

"It is easier to optimize correct code than to correct optimized code." -- Bill Harlan