On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 7:15 AM, Felix Knecht <felixk@apache.org> wrote:
Hi Stefan

> I have a problem with the 2.5.1 maven-eclipse-plugin. An 'mvn
> eclipse:eclipse' does not generate the .classpath and .project files. I
> switched locally back to 2.3 to make it working again.

Your right, thanks for pointing to. Even mvn eclipse:eclipse doesn't created .project or .classpath.
I'm going to revert this to 2.3.
It wasn't easy at that time to make it work and it seems to becaome even more complicated as the maven-eclipse-plugin
isn't backwards compatible.

Woaw... That's crazy... mvn eclipse:eclipse now does not generate any .project or .classpath file ?!?...
Then, what's the purpose of this goal in this plugin ?!?.. Theres's something I don't understand...

IMO we should think about putting all the functionality we need into the studio plugin and get rid of the maven-eclipse
plugin. I think it's only generation of the .project and the .classpath which are missing.


Yeah maybe... Having something reliable and trustful for the generation of these files is really important.

We could maybe also commit these files in SVN... I know other projects try to avoid committing such files to source configuration, but since we're building Eclipse plugins, it does not make to try to generate project files for Idea of NetBeans. Our Eclipse plugin projects will always be used with Eclipse.
So, I'm wondering if it makes sense not to commit the .project and .classpath files with the projects.