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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject [Studio] What's the better approch to move to Apache DS 1.5.4 in the Apache DS plugin?
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 11:04:07 GMT
Hi guys,

I want to get your POV about an issue i'm currently facing with the Apache
DS plugin and the update the Apache DS 1.5.4 dependencies.

As you all know, the Apache DS plugin is a Studio plugin which let's you run
in a few seconds an Apache DS server right from Apache Directory Studio or

The first version of this plugin has been shipped with Apache Directory
Studio version 1.2.0. At the time this plugin was bundling Apache DS 1.5.3
jar dependencies, so any server created in it was a 1.5.3 Apache Directory

Now that Apache DS 1.5.4 is out, I want to update the Apache DS plugin to
use the latest version of Apache DS. This will be released as part of the
1.3.0 release of Apache Directory Studio.

The issue I'm facing is "What do we do with already created server?".

These servers are Apache DS 1.5.3 instances with a server.xml and backend
files related to Apache DS version 1.5.3.
Although I have already written a migration class for the server.xml file
from version 1.5.3 to 1.5.4, writing a migration class for the backend might
not be very easy (I see various classloading issue pointing ahead, etc.)...
So I dropped the idea of writing such a thing. I would be overkilling I

So, we only have few solutions. Let me enumerate them, so we can choose the
best one together.

   - *Solution 1*: Servers created with the old version of the plugin stays
   as Apache DS version 1.5.3 servers (and new servers are Apache DS version
      - Advantages:
         - + No migration tools to write
         - + Everything will work just like before
      - Drawbacks:
         - - A server created with the old version of the plugin is not
         using the latest version of ApacheDS
      - *Solution 2*: Servers created with the old version of the plugin can
   be migrated to Apache DS version 1.5.4
      - Advantages:
         - + A server created with the old version of the plugin is able to
         migrate the latest version of ApacheDS
      - Drawbacks:
         - - Only the server.xml file will migrated
         - - Migrating the backend will require (complicated?) user actions
         (Run the server in 1.5.3 version > Export in LDIF what he
wants to migrate >
         Stop the server > Re-run it in 1.5.4 version > Import data
from the LDIF he

In each of the these solutions, the Apache DS plugin will need package in
its dependencies the jars of version 1.5.3 AND 1.5.4 (something around 17

I think solution one is easiest and safest solution to preserve the data
from the server. If a user wants to move to version 1.5.4, he can create a
new server and then migrate his data from the old server to the new one.



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