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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: [vote] Release studio-plugin
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 09:19:03 GMT

> It's much more a question of who is using the released part. Atm, it's
> just us, the Server. Even studio don't use it.
But you never now if there are any shadow users you don't know about -
it's an opensource project.
> We have had the very same discussion 2 months ago about shared :
> should we vote on it? Right now, I think we should vote on what is
> used by more than one project, as it gives a chance to avoid problems.
> So here is the project I think we need to vote for :
> - Studio
> - Server
> - Shared
> All the other projects (project, plugins, daemon, etc) are only used
> internally by a single project, and are part of a bigger vote. You
> won't release Studio if the studio-plugin is dorked ...
The studio-plugin may be a very special case but e.g. the shared library
is available on Apaches Maven repository as release as well. Because
it's public I think it's worth to pass a formal process before making
peaces of code as release public available.
Raising a majority vote about a release you just need three binding +1
votes, vetoed vote can be skipped [1].


[1] (Votes on Package Releases)

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