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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: [Bouncycastle] reloaded, was Re: [ApacheDS] Compilation issues with trunk
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 19:15:32 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny schrieb:
> Hi guys,
> I think that we should go back to use BC 136 waiting for BC 140 be
> loaded into the maven central repository. We don't need this
> shared-bouncycastle-reduced library if we can use BC 140, as this new
> version does not content any patented software. In the mean time, and
> until we release 1.5.5, I suggest we use the previous version, as the
> build is broken for unknown reasons, and I don't think it worths the
> time and energy to fix the current build.

Do you now if BC139 would work instead? It's on ibiblio for jdk1.4:
If so, we can use this one in the mean time.

> FYI, a request for an upload of this lib has been issued one month ago
> (
> Thoughts ?

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