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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject What shall CI be for / How make use of CI
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 09:01:33 GMT
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Hi all

Following the 'Studio breakage fixed?' thread we should decide about how to use the CI builds
for. ATM the projects are
build (every 30 minutes) but only if there are svn changes made to the specific project. Doing
so there can be a big
delay before noticing the a e.g. change in shared have impacts on apacheds/studio/... It will
be noticed next time
apacheds/studio/... is built. This will in most cases happen when a commit is done to one
of those projects and not earlier.
We can change this by forcing CI to build the project each time regardless of the latest build
state (ok, failed, ...).
Doing so I'd suggest changing the build schedule per project at maximum twice a day. Otherwise
will run probably into a
queueing problem because projects are still in build process while already beeing queued again.

Doing so we should setup the all project are build by 'mvn clean install -Dintegration' (I
think that's ok for all
projects) and order the build by
- - project
- - shared
- - apacheds
- - studio
- - daemon
- - installers (they don't work ATM)
- - triplesec (doesn't work at all, maybe this should be excluded ATM from the build process)

and create the project sites once a day. Still to figure out when to build the nightly dist
for studio, probably
after/before the project sites.

My 2 cents
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