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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject Re: [Shared] How to avoid some breakage in Studio when modifying shared
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2008 08:05:45 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 9:52 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <>wrote:

> I guys,
> yesturday, as I modified shared, I broke Studio. The reason is that we have
> a DSML sub-project in Studio which depends on the Message API in shared.
> Here are some ideas to avoid such breakage in the near future :
> - the DSML subproject should become a shared-dsml sub-project

I completely agree with that. And I think, the project needs to be reworked
to avoid using the Message API from shared.
In my opinion, the use of this API makes it harder for the developer to use
the shared-dsml library. Writing DSML Requests/Responses is not very
The Message API is perfect for internal server use but not really for
end-users I think. Even more now, since it's using the Entry class.

> - we should depend on tagged versions of shared in studio, as we are
> modifying shared pretty enough

Well, as we need to fix some bugs in Shared from time to time, we need to
use the snapshot version. However when we would release a new version of
Studio, a release of Shared would be a prerequisite before releasing Studio

- if we do that, it means we have to release shared more often

When the server and/or the studio need it.

> - otherwise, we have to build studio each time we do a modification in
> shared, which will be overkilling, IMHO

Yes, it would be very overkilling... Since we have this nightly builds
server, I think we can use it as a way to alert us if something goes wrong
with a commit in Shared that affects Studio. Just like it did today.


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