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just a question :
what should we do when a user send a BindRequest if it already has an open
session ? Should we brutally delete his ldapSession, or wait until all the
running rquests have completed ? Should we terminate the session with an
UnbindRequest? Should we Abandon the current running requests ?


NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!  Just create the new session.  There can be several
connections to the server by the same principal.  Think about connection
pooling or applications with duplicate connections used for different
purposes.  Who knows why but it should be allowed.
As stated by RFC 4511, par 4.2.1, (thanks jeff), if a user send another bindRequest, the previous session should be abandonned or completed. Note that it has nothing to do with the principale, as you may still open as many session as you want, assuming that you are opening new IoSessions. May be it was not clear in my previous mail that it was on _the same_ connection.

Aye just realized that after talking to you on IM.  I thought you were trying to drop connections when a new bind was occuring as the same principal. 

Gotchya now - my bad.  I think I need some coffee.


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