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Hi all,

Just a note to the community.  As I was releasing ApacheDS 1.5.3 I noticed that we were still set to version 10 of the TLP pom.  The latest version that I just released is 11.  Both are poms are identical besides the versions and URLs into svn where the tags can be found.

It's quite a time ago I had the last time a 'silly' question, but

Why do we need to release then a new version of the pom? Maybe I missed something but IMO if nothing has changed we should still be able to use pom version 10, don't we?

You're right we did not need to release 11 at all.  I accidentally released it because when I looked at the project/trunk/pom.xml it was at 11-SNAPSHOT.  I presumed shared, apacheds, daemon and installers trunks used this 11-SNAPSHOT.  I also presumed that it was bumped up to 11-SNAPSHOT because changes were induced to 10.

Next time I will check to make sure there are no differences before releasing.  This pom should not be bumped on each release iteration to the next SNAPSHOT.  Part of the problem is Maven's release plugin which does this automatically.


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