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Alex Karasulu wrote:

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   Pardon, my vague question

   um.. i'm LDAP starter
   i use apachds for data center then interface with LDAP Client
   (OpenLDAP library)
   i want to store/read data (Thai language) from apachds 1.0
   i tried to use OpenLDAP Library for Client interfacing (UTF-8) but i
   can't found some document for this solution

Sounds like you might want to contact them on their user mailing lists
about finding documentation on this feature of their client library. You
might also want to look at their source code to understand if
documentation is not available.

Not sure what documentation you expect. The LDAPv3 standard says that strings shall be encoded in UTF-8. Therefore, any strings you provide to the library should already be in UTF-8...

You caught me deflecting without thinking :D.  Yep makes perfect sense.