Looks like they just need to see our Table and Index interfaces along with the Cursor interface.  We're essentially going to adapt their implementation to these interfaces.


On Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 2:50 AM, Kiran Ayyagari <ayyagarikiran@gmail.com> wrote:
hi All,

 Francois sent a reply to my mail which am attaching here FYI. I yet to send a reply ( my be by tonight IST will
 send him)

 Please add any points if you have w.r.t Francois's mail.

Kiran Ayyagari

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
Alex Karasulu wrote:
Any releases out of this library yet?  Got links?
All I have is http://www.nabble.com/simpler-api-to-the-Derby-store-to18137499.html#a18137499

I have been contacted by François Orsini directly, and transfered the mail to Kiran and the dev list.

I assume they want us to be guinea pigs, but with brain :) I like the idea. It has many advantages :
- we get a direct line with the developpers
- we may get what we need in the API
- we have one more possible backend
- both project get a benefit out of it

Bottom line is that we are not stuck with JDBM, but get a maintained BTree code.

I didn't had time to go any farther right now, and I think Kiran is the guy when it comes to backend those days. I was just the french guy who shared beers with another french fellow in Amsterdam, and discussed about how our both projects can collaborate :) Wanna me to dig the thing inside out ?

Kiran Ayyagari

Hi Kiran,

We're currently working on this and I hope we can provide you guys son enough with an implemented API for some early test drive.

I have not posted in the directory dev mailing list as the API is not available yet.

There is a thread in the Apache Derby dev forum as as far as the motivation for this and see how we can deliver it:

I'd be interested in knowing more about that new API you have on top of JDBM. Do you have any description and Javadoc for it? That would be great for us to see how it'd would work against the Derby B-Tree store one.

Also may I ask what were/are the issues you are encountering with JDBM? I would assume that concurrency is likely one of them and also not being able to get new updates, etc.



Kiran Ayyagari wrote:

hi Francois,

  I have searched directory dev mail archive but haven't found any discussion threads in which you participated
  ( infact there were some mails about BTree impl used in JDBM )

  Could you let me know about the derby revision in which this new API is present ( will be glad if you can
  provide some filenames related to BTree impl instead :) )

  Thanks for your time

Kiran Ayyagari

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
Hi Kiran,

last spring we had an interesting convo with François Orsini about Derby BTree implementation. As we have a new API on top of JDBM, and as they have started to redisign their API to get it easier to use, it would be interesting to look at what they are doing and see how we can leverage this API. They are also interested to know what we think about the new API, so any feedback would be good.

The best would for you two guys to get in touch, and see how you can collaborate.

wdyt ?