Hi all,

In order to fix Jira DIR-228 - "
Very difficult to find KEYS, hashes and sigs for downloads" (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DIR-228), I've updated all our download pages for Apache DS and Studio.

Downloads for Apache DS 1.0, Apache DS 1.5 and Apache Directory Studio now follow the same layout.

We now have a "Downloads" page which lets the user select between various distributions (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows or Binary, DEB, RPM installers, etc.) the one he's looking for.

For each distribution, we have a special page which displays the download link for a preferred mirror (nearby the user's location).
This page also allows the user to change the mirror and displays all the needed information such as Installation, Requirements, as well as how to verify the integrity of the downloaded distribution.

I updated the menus of all the websites to display only a download link to the latest release. A "Older versions" link is still there in case someone needs to download a previous version.

Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot