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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Directory Server 1.5.3 released !
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2008 12:05:11 GMT
The Apache Directory team is pleased to announce the release of ApacheDS

ApacheDS is an embeddable directory server entirely written in Java, which
has been certified LDAPv3 compatible by the Open Group. Besides LDAP it
supports Kerberos 5 and the Change Password Protocol. It has been designed
to introduce triggers, stored procedures, queues and views to the world of
LDAP which has lacked these rich constructs.

This version is mainly a bug fix version, which also bring some new
installers (for Solaris and tar.gz installers), more performance, and
NTLM authentication (some external package must be downloaded).

40 issues has also been fixed since the last relase, 1.5.2.

ADS 1.5.3 is not a definitive version, as we are working in an unstable
branch, and there may be some modification in the configuration or features
in the next 1.5.x versions. However, this is the most stable version of
the Apache Directory Server.

The latest release is now available here:

If you have any questions, please consult:
 - the web site:
 - the mailing lists:

Changelog for ApacheDS 1.5.3
Bugs :
 DIRSERVER-768 : provide debug output in
 DIRSERVER-1031 : no credentials required to shut down server from in-vm
 DIRSERVER-1085 : Modify.RENAME operation may not work well with multiple
attributes RDN
 DIRSERVER-1087 : Installer init script does not start default instance on
 DIRSERVER-1089 : ConcurrentModificationException problem in
 DIRSERVER-1109 : Failure to create entry with Rdn starting with hash (#)
 DIRSERVER-1112 : ApacheDS installer creates redundant server.xml file
 DIRSERVER-1118 : Cannot have two partitions dc=example,dc=com and
dc=carrefour,dc=com at the same time.
 DIRSERVER-1151 : Cannot have multiple instance in-process listening on
different sockets / ports
 DIRSERVER-1157 : Deleting Alias entry failure
 DIRSERVER-1162 : Moddn with mulit-valued RDN mangles the entry
 DIRSERVER-1166 : a lot of Persistent searches may exhaust the available
 DIRSERVER-1168 : StartTLS API activation not Working with
 DIRSERVER-1171 : Improper use of SASL mechanisms and simple binds
 DIRSERVER-1175 : Binary installer removes '/root' partition under certains
 DIRSERVER-1180 : NPE and hanging search request when using a filter with
empty substring sequence
 DIRSERVER-1182 : SchemaServiceIT tests are broken
 DIRSERVER-1188 : Windows Installer corrupts Windows when uninstalling.
 DIRSERVER-1196 : Filter with special characters crashes JVM

Improvements :
 DIRSERVER-478 : Standarzied serialization and deserialization of Name,
Attribute, and Attributes.
 DIRSERVER-610 : Need to simplify process for changing admin password
 DIRSERVER-986 : Implement a new LDAP Filter parser
 DIRSERVER-1084 : Effective userid needs to be more flexible (per instance)
 DIRSERVER-1124 : Reduce log ERROR to WARN to avoid startup and shutdown
noise as replicas connect/disconnect
 DIRSERVER-1125 : Use the rat maven plugin with the -Prelease profile option
to generate releases
 DIRSERVER-1147 : Improve Search request with selected atttributes
 DIRSERVER-1163 : Sys-V-Init script lacks LSB header

New Features :
 DIRSERVER-674 : Support for directory.service.type as a JNDI parameter
 DIRSERVER-676 : Provide a method for gathering a handle on root DSE on
behalf of any principal
 DIRSERVER-1189 : Configuration option for confidentiality: requiring TLS
secured connections for performing requests
 DIRSERVER-1190 : Add a PKG installer for Solaris

Tasks :
 DIRSERVER-1053 : Review server-tools project
 DIRSERVER-1197 : Add Apache License headers to installer files with their
specific syntax for comments

Wish :
 DIRSERVER-931 : Provide a zip/tar.gz download for DS

The Apache Directory team is also pleased to announce the release of Apache
Directory Shared 0.9.11, its directory-related library used by Apache DS and
Apache Directory Studio.

Changelog for Apache Directory Shared 0.9.11
Bugs :
 DIRSHARED-2 : Second ATAV of a multi-valued RDN is not handled correctly in
Rdn.compareTo() method
 DIRSHARED-3 : Rdn.compareTo() method is not invertable
 DIRSHARED-9 : Rdn.equals() and Rdn.comparTo() don't work correctly for
multivalued RDNs

Improvements :
 DIRSHARED-7 : Add setters to LdapURL class
 DIRSHARED-8 : Merge schema grammars and relax schema parser
 DIRSHARED-10 : Add support for OpenLDAP object identifier macros

The Apache Directory Team

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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