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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [bb] MiscITest failure, take 2
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2008 13:09:24 GMT

I still have failures on MiscITest, on both testDisableAnonymousBinds() 
and testEnableAnonymousBindsOnRootDSE() unit tests.

The reason why we have some failure is because we have disabled 
anonymous bind on the server. The big problem is that it's now handled 
in the Bind handler, which is called while creating the context.

The big problem is that as soon as we are not allowed to do an anonymous 
bind, then we can't anymore create a context. Then any kind of following 
operation will fail, and this is the reason why the tests are failing.

InitialContextCreation should not try to bind the user, unless we are 
not asking for an Anonymous Bind. We hould just create a context, and 
return it to the user. As soon as e will try to do a search, if the 
Anonymous state is not allowed, then it will get an exception.

In fact, the Anonymous bind is not a bind at all, it's just a state we 
get into as soon as we open a session on the server. Until we close the 
session (or it is closed buy the server itself), the user is either in 
Anonymous state or in authenticated state. Switching from one state to 
the other requires either a user action (a Bind with another mechanism, 
an Unbind) or a server action (authent revocation if the authent is 
based on certificate, and the certificate is revoqued or expire during a 

We have to review all the BigBang authentication mechanism as fast as 

I'm disabling those two tests.

Thanks !

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