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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [VOTE] [ADS] Release of Apache Directory Server 1.5.3 and Shared 0.9.11
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 12:09:54 GMT
Hi all,

it has been 3 months since the last release (1.5.2). For the first time 
on the project life, we are able to relase every 3 months :)

A lot of bugs have been fixed, and some serious ones. Some new features 
have also been added.

We think we are ready for a release.

Here's the complete list of resolved or closed Jira issues:

         Release Notes - Directory ApacheDS - Version 1.5.3

Bugs :
  DIRSERVER-768 : provide debug output in
  DIRSERVER-1031 : no credentials required to shut down server from in-vm
  DIRSERVER-1085 : Modify.RENAME operation may not work well with 
multiple attributes RDN
  DIRSERVER-1087 : Installer init script does not start default instance 
on startup.
  DIRSERVER-1089 : ConcurrentModificationException problem in
  DIRSERVER-1109 : Failure to create entry with Rdn starting with hash (#)
  DIRSERVER-1112 : ApacheDS installer creates redundant server.xml file
  DIRSERVER-1118 : Cannot have two partitions dc=example,dc=com and 
dc=carrefour,dc=com at the same time.
  DIRSERVER-1151 : Cannot have multiple instance in-process listening on 
different sockets / ports
  DIRSERVER-1157 : Deleting Alias entry failure
  DIRSERVER-1162 : Moddn with mulit-valued RDN mangles the entry
  DIRSERVER-1166 : a lot of Persistent searches may exhaust the 
available threads
  DIRSERVER-1168 : StartTLS API activation not Working with 
  DIRSERVER-1171 : Improper use of SASL mechanisms and simple binds
  DIRSERVER-1175 : Binary installer removes '/root' partition under 
certains circumstances
  DIRSERVER-1180 : NPE and hanging search request when using a filter 
with empty substring sequence
  DIRSERVER-1182 : SchemaServiceIT tests are broken
  DIRSERVER-1188 : Windows Installer corrupts Windows when uninstalling.
  DIRSERVER-1196 : Filter with special characters crashes JVM

Improvements :
  DIRSERVER-478 : Standarzied serialization and deserialization of Name, 
Attribute, and Attributes.
  DIRSERVER-610 : Need to simplify process for changing admin password
  DIRSERVER-986 : Implement a new LDAP Filter parser
  DIRSERVER-1084 : Effective userid needs to be more flexible (per instance)
  DIRSERVER-1124 : Reduce log ERROR to WARN to avoid startup and 
shutdown noise as replicas connect/disconnect
  DIRSERVER-1125 : Use the rat maven plugin with the -Prelease profile 
option to generate releases
  DIRSERVER-1147 : Improve Search request with selected atttributes
  DIRSERVER-1163 : Sys-V-Init script lacks LSB header

New Features :
  DIRSERVER-674 : Support for directory.service.type as a JNDI parameter
  DIRSERVER-676 : Provide a method for gathering a handle on root DSE on 
behalf of any principal
  DIRSERVER-1189 : Configuration option for confidentiality: requiring 
TLS secured connections for performing requests
  DIRSERVER-1190 : Add a PKG installer for Solaris

Tasks :
  DIRSERVER-1053 : Review server-tools project
  DIRSERVER-1197 : Add Apache License headers to installer files with 
their specific syntax for comments

Wish :
  DIRSERVER-931 : Provide a zip/tar.gz download for DS

         Release Notes - Directory Shared - Version 0.9.11

Bugs :
  DIRSHARED-2 : Second ATAV of a multi-valued RDN is not handled 
correctly in Rdn.compareTo() method
  DIRSHARED-3 : Rdn.compareTo() method is not invertable
  DIRSHARED-9 : Rdn.equals() and Rdn.comparTo() don't work correctly for 
multivalued RDNs

Improvements :
  DIRSHARED-7 : Add setters to LdapURL class
  DIRSHARED-8 : Merge schema grammars and relax schema parser
  DIRSHARED-10 : Add support for OpenLDAP object identifier macros

Let's vote now:
[ ] +1 | Release Apache Directory Server 1.5.3 and Shared 0.9.11
[ ] +/-0 | Abstain
[ ] -1 | Do NOT release Apache Directory Server 1.5.3 and Shared 0.9.11

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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