Hi Emmanuel,

I just added a new entry property to the OperationContext implementation in the BB.  So now we can cache the target entry of any operation instead of performing lookups all the time in various interceptors.  The property allows getting and setting a ClonedServerEntry.  This is useful because we can perform alterations on this entry and use getOriginalEntry() to get the original state of the entry before any modifications are made to that entry.

The only tedious part to this is that we have to populate it at some point (some barrier or interceptor) or else all the code accessing this entry will need to check if it's null then do the lookup and call the setter.  Rather than do this I was thinking we can eagerly load this in an interceptor or have it eagerly loaded right as the OperationContext enters the InterceptorChain via the chain itself.  Perhaps there are other options like doing it in the constructors.

Wondering what your thoughts are on the best place for this if we should at all leverage eager loading of this target entry.