Thanks Stefan.

I'll have to add a check on the default JVM, to see if it's greater or equal to 1.5.
I had a similar issue on my mac where there was no default JVM selected (which caused an NPE).

I'm going to updated this, and re-upload updated distributions.


On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Stefan Seelmann <> wrote:
Ok, I got the problem:

The setting "org.eclipse.jdt.launching.PREF_VM_XML" in my
points to a JDK-1.4.2, so the launcher uses the 1.4.2 JVM and fails to

I removed this setting and restarted Studio, then a 1.6. JVM was
detected and new it works. I guess the JDT laucher uses some magic to
detect the path to the default JVM?

Kind Regards,

Emmanuel Lecharny schrieb:
> Stefan Seelmann wrote:
>> Hi Pierre-Arnaud,
>> this plugin looks very great.
>> I tried th Linux x86 version, but the server isn't starting up. When
>> starting the state swtiches to "Starting..." and then back to "Stopped".
>> I attached the logs.
> Those logs are 'normal' logs... We have to clean them, but it won't stop
> the server.
> Do you have any thread dump ?
> Can you just test if the server is running, even if marked as stopped ?