On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 1:20 PM, Stefan Seelmann <seelmann@apache.org> wrote:
Hi Pierre-Arnaud,

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for testing out. :)

this plugin looks very great.

I tried th Linux x86 version, but the server isn't starting up. When
starting the state swtiches to "Starting..." and then back to "Stopped".
I attached the logs.

These logs (even if they have WARN and ERROR levels) are normal... They're are ("unfortunately", because it makes the user think there's been an issue during the launch) the usual logs of a launched Apache DS 1.5.2 instance.
This makes me think that the server has been correctly started.

But, I have a "start up verification thread" which tries to create a context on the started server and set the server to the "started" state or "set it back to the "stopped" state after a certain amount on time (3 minutes) trying to connect to it.

I think something is failing here and the server is set back to the "stopped' state.
Another cool feature would be to ask the user in the "Create a Server"
wizard if a connection to this server should be created.

Yeah, that's an idea we had with Emmanuel, too.
But, I would not create it with the "Create a Server" wizard, because at this time, the user has not customized the configuration of the server yet, and the ports may change.
I was thinking of adding a new action in the context menu which creates an associated connection in the LDAP Browser view taking the parameters from the server configuration.

To get the Apache DS plugin as light as possible, I'd like to declare the Connection and Ldap Browser dependencies as optional in the plugin.xml of the Apache DS plugin, and enable/disable this action if theses plugins are present or not at runtime.