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From "Michael B Allen" <>
Subject Ideas Wanted: NTLMv2, Kerberos, JAAS, ...
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 01:01:05 GMT

I'm working on implementing Kerberos 5 and NTLMv2 for an open source
CIFS client. Being a Windows / Java solution it seems to me we're distant

I'm going to be doing classes for NTLM credentials and principals,
JAAS integration and utility classes, possibly some JNDI to do "site"
based SRV lookups (to set - gotta love all that
LoginModule configuration BS), ... etc.

Is everyone on-board with Java's Subject based security code? I'm not
yet convinced but so far I'm playing along.

Do you guys have or want NTLMv2, Kerberos, SPNEGO, NTLMSSP, ...? If so,
I'm interested in hearing opinions about how to "properly" implement
such things to maximize cross-pollination.

Is anyone aware of other projects doing this sort of stuff?

In general I'm interested in hearing about anything wrt the above that
has worked well for you (or what to watch out for). I've been doing C
for a while and I want to know where Java's at with this stuff.


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SPNEGO SSO

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