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From "Tarun Shekhawat" <>
Subject need to create memberURL
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 07:56:29 GMT

What should i do if i want to create memberURL and memberOf?
As i m trying to generate one ldif i.e. 

dn: cn=Administrators,ou=groups,ou=myrealm, dc=pepsdomain

memberURL: ldap:///ou=groups,ou=myrealm,dc=pepsdomain??sub?(&(objectclass=per


objectclass: top

objectclass: groupOfUniqueNames

objectclass: groupOfURLs

description: Administrators can view and modify all resource attributes and s

 tart and stop servers.

cn: Administrators


Getting Error: objectClass: groupOfUrls OID not found.
Tarun Shekhawat



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