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Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot wrote:
Hi again Alex,

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        It seems that each declared protocol must be referenced in
       the 'apacheDS' bean. Am I right?
       If yes, then if I want to enable the DNS server inside Apache
       DS, I'll need to uncomment the 'dnsServer' bean, add an 'id'
       to it and reference it in the 'apacheDS' bean?

   Yep you're right.

Are you sure about that...?
Actually, I had a closer look to the ApacheDS class (org.apache.directory.server.configuration.ApacheDS) and I've not seen any dnsServer, kdcServer, changePasswordServer or ntpServer field. I don't see how Spring could make any association...
How do I enable these protocols? Maybe by setting an 'enable' attribute set to true to each protocol bean?
The problem since we "adopted" the xbean+Spring stuff is now pretty apparent. These two things gathered just plain sucks.

We definitively have to step back a little, and come back to some srrious - although boring - solution. What we have is silly, painfull, error-prone, and make the users wondering if we are simply trying to have fun endorsing the latest funny buzz around there.

I already ranted about this xbean+spring stuff, but now, I consider that was not rant. I was soft. This couple will just produce monsters, not babies... We must practice abortion asap, and keep the parent either separated or killed !!!

Seriously, we can't keep this situation as is for 2.0.

I'd love to whip together the CiDIT stuff.  Follows the same pattern that OpenLDAP and FedoraDS folks are using with their back-config stuff.  With smart defaults and an LDIF based partition we could load the configuration into the DIT.  It's easy but labor intensive.

It's just a matter of time.   Definitely something to consider.