Some operations in the default partition based on JDBM would gain a performance advantage if we could stuff the (partition unique) Long id associated with the entry into the ServerEntry object. 

Eventually some schemes we discussed in the past for making this Long id a server unique rather than partition unique identifier will come to pass.  At that point we can rapidly compare entries based on this identifier.  Besides the id we will probably eventually have the UUID which is globally unique for the entry across server instances.  However the UUID costs more to compare than a long which can be compared in just a few JVM operations.

Until we make it server unique this id parameter can only be leveraged inside a partition, it cannot be used externally until we devise some of these schemes discussed in [0] regarding 8 to 16-bit embedded partition identifiers inside this Long.

Any thoughts on exposing this ID and associating it with a ServerEntry via an 'id' property on this class now rather than waiting for [0] to be implemented?

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