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In the end, we just want more happy satisfied users.  If we have to admit to faults along the way and correct ourselves, then that's what must happen.  If we cannot be honest and real here we're certainly not going to find that chance in a corporate cubicle.
At times like this I just have to say, "I love ADS!" - and I'm using 1.0!

Hey that's awesome.  We need to get you on 2.0 fast :).
If the refactoring is done I'd like you guys to just stamp out a 2.0 asap. All software has bugs. Please don't wait for the code to be perfect for a 2.0 release. Having a known bug list is fine for a 2.0 release. Then I can think about upgrading and playing with all of the new stuff.

Very good point.  We have a tendency to be anal about GA releases.  It's not so much the bugs that are the problem though as it is the changes to interfaces that others may depend on.  We just want to make sure that when we do pump out 2.0 we solidify the interfaces and can still fix all the bugs that arise in bug fix releases without having to change any interfaces.  That means getting a clump of features completed.

Hopefully our users will be able to derive years of use out of 2.0 without having to change a line of code as they move across bug fix releases.

I can't wait to get your feedback on some of the new features.

Thanks for the kind words,