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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Replaced trunks with bigbang
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 01:51:01 GMT
Hi all,

To prepare for a new ApacheDS release cycle and a bit of a different mode of
working we've swapped out the trunks with bigbang branches for the following


What is now in trunk is a stable build that works.  Unlike before we intend
to work in trunks now to add what we need for the 1.5.3 release.  Before we
were just keeping the trunk stable for users but the changes we need there
for remaining features will not be large and can be safely applied in trunk
without breakage.  We will merge these changes back into the bigbang after
making them.  The following features remain for 1.5.3 on our roadmap[0]:

    Index Rebuilding - Fix CLI based index command for adding new indices.
    UserPassword - make sure userPassword cannot be searched
    New Installers - installers for Solaris and the tarball remain + making
the *.bin installer work on all supported *NIX platforms

We will also most likely attack the most critical bugs.

Shortly we will change the bigbang to use the 1.5.4-SNAPSHOT with respective
versions for dependent projects even though we intend to release 1.5.3 from
trunk.  We're doing this because there are issues with jar collisions due to
the fact that we now have a build server that makes sure our snapshot
repository is fresh.  So for this reason we decided to bump the revision for
bigbang to 1.5.4-SNAPSHOT while working on 1.5.3-SNAPSHOT in trunk.

Also we're going to get seriously medievil withing the bigbang: almost to
the point where it may not compile for extended periods of time.  For these
reasons we will switch continuum to build from the trunk now.  I'm going to
go ahead and try to make the changes for continuum now.  BTW the following
features will be incorporated into the 1.5.4 release:

    DoS Safeguards - add safeguards to prevent size based DoS attacks
    DSML w/ Jetty - add Jetty container for self service apps and DSML
    Nested Partitions - DIRSERVER-465
    Encrypted Attributes - add support for encrypted attributes
    Snapshotting & Restoration - add a way to restore a crashed database
(restore command as a CLI tool)
    JNDI <>-
Complete JNDI removal
    New Default Partition - decouple the leafEvaluator from the Partition /
Using Cursors
    MINA 2.0 - Move to MINA 2.0

This should be the last of the changes we will do as part of the bigbang
effort.  The we can just keep working out of the trunk and get to 2.0 as
soon as possible.


[0] Roadmap -
[1] DIRSERVER-465 -

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