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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [1.5.3] Report #1
Date Sat, 10 May 2008 08:54:44 GMT
Hi guys,

as we have decided to deliver a 1.5.3 release in the next few weeks, and 
as it will be mainly a bug fix release, here is a status of the current 

We have 232 open issues (quite a huge number), out of which 90 are set 
to be fixed in 1.5.3, 96 are unscheduled.

It would be great if the unscheduled issues can be scheduled. Also 
please just fill the missing issues so that we can put as much fix as 
possible into the 1.5.3 release !

If you have time to add or propose some unit tests for the existing 
issues, it would be very appreciated !

We have only 42 open bugs scheduled to be fixed for 1.5.3, surprisingly 
a lower number than expected (or feared :). Here are the status for 
these bugs :

3 bugs are blockers :

desc : a lot of Persistent searches may exhaust the available threads
status : To be investigated. It _may_ be postponned as PS is not really 
used much.

desc : search results are not streamed to the client until final done 
response is queued
status : A patch has been submitted by Norval, we have to double check 
that it's OK, or if we have to push some fix into MINA

* :
desc : Added Attributes are all case sensitive
status : currently in progress, and will be fixed for 1.5.3, as we just 
have to check that with the new ServerEntry API, we don't have any more 
code which do String sensitive comparisons

2 bugs are criticals :
desc: no credentials required to shut down server from in-vm
status: This is a critical issue, I think.
decs: Aborting a client search does not stop the search
status: To be fixed

30 bugs are major :
desc: provide debug output in
status: Definitively something to fix
desc: entryUUID only created when entries are added with Mitosis enabled
status: To be checked and fixed
desc: Lacking atomicity for modify operations on schema subentry
status: To be evaluated
desc: Check that new objectClasses do not have wrong KIND combinations
status: I _think_ that some of the check is already done, but some more 
unit tests can help
desc: Older concurrent changes are never replicated
status: To be checked
desc: Installed server not aware of Hot Partition entries
status: Status ?
desc: rangeOfValues protedtedItem should not be applicable in Entry scope
status: To be fixed
desc: The filter of the rangeOfValues protectedItem should be evaluated 
on only the single attribute, not the whole entry
status: Cf DIRSERVER-999
desc: Should the order in which hot partitions are connected to matter?
status: Status
desc: Installer init script does not start default instance on startup.
status: To be fixed
desc: Do not cache plain text passwords in credential cache or in 
status: Being reworked atm
desc: LdapConfigurationException when trying to connect with "none" 
security level
status: Being reworked atm
desc: not Support multiple resource record answers caused by 
ResourceRecordImpl's error equals method
status: This is a DNS issue.
desc: not support 
ordered multiple resource record answers
status: This is a DNS issue.
desc: the ResourceRecordEncoder and QuestionRecordEncoder have bug for 
empty domainName:( 
status: This is a DNS issue.
desc: New replicas may never receive some recent modifications
status: To be fixed
desc: Hot partition removal leaves server in inconsistent state (removal 
is buggy)
status: To be fixed
desc: Failure to create entry with Rdn starting with hash (#)
status: To be double-checked (may be already fixed)
desc: apacheds-protocol-dhcp-1.5.1.jar is missing in Windows Intaller 1.5.1
status: Is this still the case in 1.5.2 ?
desc: Cannot have two partitions dc=example,dc=com and 
dc=carrefour,dc=com at the same time.
status: We have to fix this urgently
desc: getAttributes( nm, null ) returns empty Attributes if replication 
status: Check this one
desc: Requests of usercertificate;binary are not supported
status: Partially fixed, finish the work
desc: No error thrown when removing a non existing value of an attribute
status: Status ?
desc: Cannot have multiple instance in-process listening on different 
sockets / ports
status: Status ?
desc: PersistenceSearchTest fails sometimes
status: Status ?
desc: Declaration and instantiation of refService in ServerLdapContext 
limits extensibility
status: To be checked, and fixed
desc: Deleting Alias entry failure
status: Sounds like a big bug
desc: Moddn with mulit-valued RDN mangles the entry
status: Definitively a bug
desc: Use AtomicLong for sequence counter in MasterTable
status: To be fixed
desc: StartTLS API activation not Working with addExtendedOperationHandler()
status: To be fixed

6 bugs are minor :
desc: Creating an alias from a child entry to the ancestor causes an 
error (return code 36)
status: To be fixed
desc: SASL and admin password
status: Being reworked atm
desc: New replicas may never be synchronised
status: To be fixed
desc: ApacheDS installer creates redundant server.xml file
status: Status ?
desc: Filter mutated by optimizer passed to other partitions
status: To be fixed
desc: Loop detected on ldapcompare
status: To be fixed

1 bug is trivial :
desc: [Access Control] Autonomous areas for AC must not overlap
status: Not so simple to fix ...

Thanks !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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