You recommended using the 'tags' folder in svn for sub-projects instead of using the 'releases' folder.  We agreed to do this *IF* you made sure SVN was cleaned up and consistent to reflect this.  Meaning you moved all the old releases into the tags directory. 

I just started to deploy the 1.5.2 release and discovered that you did not do as you said.  You promised something to get us to agree but you did not deliver.  I now have to release and cleanup subversion, so all the old releases have to be moved into the tags folder.  This is not a big deal but this was your reponsibility not mine.  I also noticed that the build now deploys to tags instead of releases.  I got a bit confused because both the releases and the tags folder were in SVN.  This was exactly the reason why we asked you to do it right if you wanted to impose this new way on us.  I wanted to avoid this confusion and this is why I only agreed to this with the cleanup.

This particular case is not a big deal.  But other things can be.  These kinds of things have occurred before when dealing with your changes. 

When you require us to do something and we agree to it because you say you will handle the details, please just do it.  You're leaving a mess for others to have to clean up.  As far as I am concerned this is a reason to be extra careful with your commits or suggestions.  I don't want to have to keep an eye on a committer.