Hi all,

We're ready for the next feature introduction release, ApacheDS 1.5.2.  The 1.5.x branch is intended for new feature additions which may potentially destabilize the server.  However this is by far still one of the most stable releases we've had.  There are several bug fixes and new features that have been incorporated:

Notable Features

  o New schema aware ServerEntry API
  o New improved installers for more platforms
  o Zero configuration StartTLS and LDAPS
  o DIT backed server certificate management
  o ChangeLog service, snapshotting and state rollback
  o Faster integration tests
  o Support password hashing for Administrator
  o Restart no longer needed for Administrator password changes
  o Support for different Kerberos encryption types with GSSAPI

Closed JIRA Issues

        Bug  DIRSERVER-1149  Removing a non existing value of an attribute removes one of this attribute's values
        Bug  DIRSERVER-1083  Search on an custom attribute added to the dynamic schema fails when no result is found
        Bug  DIRSERVER-1064  Admin password cannot be hashed
        Bug  DIRSERVER-1062  MaxValueCount protectedItem is not working properly for access control
        Bug  DIRSERVER-1055  Reading cn=schema doesn't return all requested attributes
        Bug  DIRSERVER-1047  Concurrency issuses in the nexus partition lead to race conditions with unbind requests on shutdown.
        Bug  DIRSERVER-1026  Metaschema ObjectClass description is incorrect
        Bug  DIRSERVER-990   2 objects of the Apache DS Schema share the same OID
        Bug  DIRSERVER-957   OOM when adding a lot of entries
        Bug  DIRSERVER-915   Hot Partitions Throw Exceptions for Normal JNDI Operations
        Bug  DIRSERVER-871   NPE when running ADS in eclipse from time to time
        Bug  DIRSERVER-782   Restart required after changing password
        Bug  DIRSERVER-646   Replacing an unknown attribute with no values (deletion) causes an error
New Feature  DIRSERVER-1066  Add change log interceptor as optional interceptor
New Feature  DIRSERVER-869   Add Start TLS support
       Test  DIRSERVER-1123  Test cases for JdbmNoDupsCursor
       Task  DIRSERVER-1054  Project sar-plugin should be sandboxed
       Task  DIRSERVER-1052  Clean ^M into many files

Kick the Tires: Installers

Various native installers for the build are available here:


Therein you'll find installers for windows, macosx, and various flavors of Linux.  Where applicable there are 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the installers.

Note a suite installer is included for ApacheDS and Studio combined.  This will install both and configure a connection in Studio to connect to ApacheDS.

Hazards to Consider

Show stoppers to consider while evaluating and voting:

  o Legal Notices
  o License File Contents
  o Export Restriction Classification (due to bouncycastle)
     - [NOTE] We're using a reduced version of the bouncycastle jar which avoids patent infringement issues by removing the IDEA algorithm support.
     - [NOTE] The US government notice has been sent for this release.
     - ASF Crypto Policy: http://www.apache.org/dev/crypto.html
     - ASF Export Classification Matrix: http://www.apache.org/licenses/exports

1.5.2 Release Vote

[ ] +1 Release ApacheDS 1.5.2
[ ] +/-0 Abstain
[ ] -1 Do not release ApacheDS 1.5.2