Hi all,

Besides the usually integration tests we perform on ApacheDS there some other things that we need to kick the tires on.  I just wanted to list a test plan for anyone that wants to help out with testing the server before this release:

o Install and check image
o Start ApacheDS
o Connect via multiple means using Studio
      - StartTLS
      - LDAPS
      - Simple Bind no confidentiality
o Perform some changes
     - perform some operations: add, delete, modify, modifyDn
     - disconnect reconnect see old changes persisted
o Test Restarts
     - stop ApacheDS
     - restart ApacheDS
     - observe persisted changes
o Test apacheds tools commands
o Enable restart and test NTP service
o Enable restart and test Kerberos service
o Enable restart and test Changepw service
o Uninstall ApacheDS

There's obviously more to this but thankfully we have the other 90% of feature tests (that we know of) covered by most unit and integration tests.  These are things that we really have not automated nor have integration tests for.