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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject Re: [ServerEntry] Next step
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 13:44:18 GMT
Thanks for the update Emmanuel.  I would agree with committing it all even
though we live with a fork for just a few days.


On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 7:24 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <>

> Hi guys,
> I have finished to modify the code to get the ServerEntry serialized into
> the backend. It was not really easy, but it's done. It also has some impact
> :
> - I had to modify JDBM in order to be able to deserialize the entries
> (just added an accessor to a class)
> A mail has been sent to Alex Boivert to see if he can provide a new
> version for this jar (we are currently using 1.0.0) and he replied that he
> will try to find some time in a very busy schedule to deliver a 1.0.1, which
> will have to be deployed to a maven repo. Another coiple of days...
> Here is what I suggest at this point : I have created a sub-project
> (apacheds-jdbm) containing the JDBM code with almost all of the tests
> (except the performance tests), and it works pretty well. I will commit this
> code and my modification in the bigbang branch, as I have to move on to the
> next step : removing the JNDI layer.
> The reason why I'm impatient to do that is that I have a 13 000 lines long
> diff pending, and I'm afraid to do some modifications on the server with
> around 100 impacted files, as it may break the currently working server...
> FYI, I have run some perf test on my laptop, and here are the compared
> results for 1.5.2 and bigband (as always, local test, not meaningfull, blah
> blah, for your eyes only :)
> 1.5.2       : 3506 random search req/s
> bigbang : 4296 random search req/s
> I also profiled the server and found interesting numbers :
> LdapDN handling : 37.6% of the CPU (out of which around 18% can be squeeze
> when the JNDI layer will have been removed)
> ServerEntry handling : 19.60% of the CPU
> ASN.1 codec : 10,15%
> This is 67,4% of all the consumed CPU in tasks which are difficult to
> improve (if we except the 18% we can squeeze from some useless double LdapDN
> parsing), the rest is spreaded in small methods.
> A blind guess is that it will be quite challenging to gain a lot now. My
> own expectation is that we should be able to go up to 6000 searches req/s on
> my laptop, but then, we will have to check the LdapDN parsing again.
> It would be very cool if someone can double check the ServerEntry clone
> method to see if it's optimal, and if we can improve its code (or even find
> some bug or bad logic in it).
> I was also thinking that some lazzy cloning might be enough (ie, cloning
> only the attribute container, not the attribute values themselves, as in
> many case, we are just removing attributes from the entry before returning
> it, keeping the attributes unmodified. That would save a few %)
> That's it, I'm now waiting for Eris to be up and running...
> thanks for your attention !
> --
> --
> cordialement, regards,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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