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From Mark Swanson <>
Subject Re: How do I compile for Java 1.5?
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 19:04:09 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Where are the sources coming from ? Can you give us the command you 
> used to get the sources on your computer ?
There are no sources for this. I'm simply compiling a schema as per the 
documentation I found on the ads website (maybe 2 years ago?).
The pom.xml I pasted into a previous email was all that was ever 
necessary. Just the pom.xml and my schema.

>> *** Strange, I guess the latest 1.0.x pom is downloaded? I didn't 
>> notice 1.0.5 was used...
>> Downloading: 
> This is totally different. We are using 4 different sub-projects :
> - apacheds
> - daemon
> - installers
> - project
> - shared
I think the disconnect here is that you think I'm building ADS and I'm 
not, I'm just trying to compile a schema.
> Each project has its own version. As you may have noticed, shared is 
> version The 1.0.5 version applies to the 'project' version
>> It's just that the API seems to have changed too. F.e. a previous 
>> schema compile that worked fine no longer works and produces compile 
>> errors that aren't 1.5 related, but class files that are completely 
>> missing:
> It seems that the maven build you are using is not the good one...
I'm not trying to build ADS :-)
>> Is there an easy way perhaps for me to force maven to use an older 
>> 1.0 instead of 1.0.5 so I can build the schema?
> No, because this is unrelated.
> Let me try to build ADS 1.0 and come back to you.

I truly thank you for your help, but I'm not having trouble building 
ADS. I don't actually do that - I just use the shipped jars. Quite 
likely I'm one of the few folks actually building a custom schema in the 
stable release branch of ADS...

I realize it's painful to drop working on the cool new beta and support 
the stable release. If it's too much work don't worry about it and just 
ignore this request.

FYI - the amount of work required to upgrade from 1.0 to the next 
version seems a bit intimidating. I wish you folks had released stable 
versions more often.


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