How about a 3rd option that requires zero user configuration and zero changes to our own pom.xml files? 

(3) Generate all Directory sub-project snapshots, studio and apacheds on the CI server which occurs regularly on each build, then upload them to the standard expected location on  Here's where we keep the snapshot repository:


Which btw has been blown away by me.  I did this to prevent maven dependency chaos when we have multiple branches all using the same version for ApacheDS.  However this is not so much of a worry now as these branches are about to die.

So our pom.xml project for the TLP is setup to look here automatically for SNAPSHOT jars via the web URL for this folder here:

This way when projects like studio and apacheds whose builds depend on shared SNAPSHOT, can be checked out separately without having the builds fail.  Maven will automatically pull down the SNAPSHOT dependencies directly from this snapshot repository at Apache.


On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 1:21 PM, Felix Knecht <> wrote:
Felix Knecht schrieb:
> Hi All
> I'm on the way to create a m2 snapshot repository for the directory
> projects on the CI machine (I know that snapshot are nowhere used ;-) ).
> Now there exists 2 ways to make a svn checkout aware of this repository:
> 1. Add the repository in each projects main pom.xml
> 2. Add the repository in your settings.xml [1] and make a note about
> this somewhere in the wiki

When choosing 2. you'll need either to activate a profile by default or always choose a profile to have access to the
snapshot repo because <repositories> can be set only within a profile as it seems.

Therefor I prefer 1.

> What do you prefer?
> Regards
> Felix
> [1]