On Tue, Mar 18, 2008 at 8:34 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Felix,

>  - - How often shall a build be done (compile/test, sitegeneration)

We have many possible options. We tried something like kicking CI
after each commit, but it leads to issues (usually, we don't commit
code in one big shot,

Yes this does happen but it's bad practice on our part.  I prefer a build on each commit so it's easier to catch the offending commit and isolate it to a user who can be informed immediately while they still have a mental stack in memory. 

I personally would like to know immediately when I goofed something while that something is still in my head.
so it launch the integration test more than
once...). I would favor a daily build (every night, something like 6am
UTC to be sure that nobody in europe or USA are impacted.

>  which params shall be used for which project?
-Dintegration test seams to be mandatory. We may need some more, like install.

It could be also a good think to generate nighty builds, implying
generating some packages. To be checked.

I think we should do both nightly and on commit builds.  The nightly builds can package up the product and provide it for human testers.  The products can then be pushed to machines which can run other tests on it.  Like installing the products, perf tests, conformance (vsldap) tests, and other kinds of integration tests.  Then we can compile daily reports. 

>  - - Where shall nag mails from continuum goto?

a limited list of persons. Like the interested committers. I would
suggest the following list :
- alex
- stefan S
- stefan Z
- pierre-arnaud
- me
- david

I'd push the results to an CI specific mailing list.  This way anyone can register to get these notifications or unregister when they like.  It would be easy to ask for a new ci@d.a.o mailing list from infra just for this.