On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 6:24 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Alex Karasulu wrote:
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>     Alex, can you confirm we are not totally off rails ?
> No these are some good ideas.  I like David's idea of making it a
> separate configurable component.  However I also think it's going to
> change a lot as we remove JNDI from the picture with the final steps
> in the big bang refactoring.
True. Even JNDI is not the major key point here, as soon as JNDI won't
be present anymore, we will have a better vision.
> Might not be worth messing with it until the dust settles unless there
> is something that the present configuration prevents us from doing.
Right now, I just asked because there is a comment in the code I found
interesting :
   // From CoreContextFactory: presently in intermediate step but these
   // methods will be moved to the appropriate protocol service eventually.
   // This is here simply to start to remove the JNDI dependency then
   // refactoring will be needed to place these where they belong.

Hmmm interesting ... I wonder if this is even still relevant.  Thing is eventually the protocol services will stop using JNDI all together and start using the Entry API instead.  This way they'll be even faster without all the JNDI overhead as well as the bugs it brings.

> All these big bang refactorings are going to shift many things
> especially at the end when all the aspects are snapped in place.
Sadly, I don't expect things to magically snap in place !

Yep.  I don't think it's going to be hard: just a lot of rote work.  I can see it all coming together nicely even though this is a drawn out process.

All these refactorings will leave some residue too: there are going to be lots of places where vestigial code may be left behind.  Test cases and coverage tools can help us find an plug these.  Also it will be a good time after this big bang to do some general cleanup. 
So it's not urgent, as far as we know something should be done... It has
just to be agreed on and put somewhere in the roadmap :)

The relocation of the LDIF loader was so minor to me that I never consider it to be a roadmap worthy item.  Rather why not just add a JIRA and we'll get to it at some point?