On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 11:42 AM, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <pa@marcelot.net> wrote:

As I'm working on the installers, I'm reviewing the installation layout of Apache Directory Server on the various platforms we support.

Here's a little summary for those of you who are interested:


On Windows, Apache Directory Server is installed at this location: "C:\\Program Files\Apache Directory Server\".
Instances are stored in a directory (aside the server files) called "instances" at: "C:\\Program Files\Apache Directory Server\instances\".
The server is run as a Windows Service.

I guess each instance can have it's own Windows service right?

Mac OS X

On Mac OS X, Apache Directory Server is installed at this location: "/usr/local/apacheds-${version}/" (where ${version} is replaced by the server version).
Instances are also stored in a directory (aside the server files) called "instances" at "/usr/local/apacheds-${version}/instances/".
A Launchd descriptor is defined at "/Library/LaunchDaemons/org.apache.directory.server.plist". This file allows the server to be automatically launched at boot.

That's cool.  Also this might be totally off but is there any way we can have some kind of configuration thingy like the ones you see in the system configuration menus for ApacheDS or is that way hard to do?  Was wondering if we can control some things in ApacheDS through there.   

We only have a RPM installer at the moment (Binary and DEB installers are on the way).


Based on this RPM installer, Apache Directory Server is installed at this location: "/opt/apacheds-${version}/" (where ${version} is replaced by the server version). (Chris, correct me if I'm wrong...)
Instances seem to be stored (I guess that while looking at the 'apacheds-init' script in the 'installers project') in "/var/lib/apacheds".
A file containing the pid of the instance is created for each running at "/var/run/apacheds/${instance}/${instance}.pid"(where ${instance} is replaced by the instance name).
A daemon launcher is located at "/etc/init.d/apacheds" to automatically launch the server at boot.

I think we should have an init script for each instance.  Perhaps /etc/init.d/ads-${instanace-name} might be a good idea WDYT?

This way each instance can be controlled independently as on the other platforms.

Here's how it done today.

As I said earlier, I'm planning to introduce Binary and Debian installers for Apache Directory Server and I wanted to know where exactly to store each thing

In a discussion today with Emmanuel, he suggested a few changes to the Linux installation layout to enable a "cleaner" installation (and be able to run multiple version of ADS at the same time for example).

That would be excellent.

Here are his proposals:
Ok so then would be nice to have init scrips like

/etc/init.d/apacheds-${version}-${instance) or something to that effect.  WDYT?
I also want to add to his proposals, the fact that we could add the version to the path of installation directory on Windows (like that "C:\\Program Files\Apache Directory Server - ${version}\").


Yeah nice to have the version in there.  This will help later with upgrade tools if we do decide to have them.

Also I'd love to see a Solaris pkg so we can make some Apache folks who wanted to use ADS in zones here at the ASF happy.  That would be awesome but am just greatful to have what we have.

Thanks Pierre, this is so wonderful we finally have installers coming again and can do a real release.  We were stuck in the longest period ever without a release and for some reason with me it was due to knowing our installers were not up to par yet.  Thanks for picking this up. 

We can now be good with the 5 minute download install tests that are critical for how effective a project is considered.  This is a big exposure area.