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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Why I think Spring + xbean is wrong ...
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 19:13:35 GMT

On Mar 8, 2008, at 10:59 AM, Ole Ersoy wrote:

> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> Oh Ole I'm trying to get this EMF stuff but I'm just not groking  
>> it - still need to back up and read these long emails.  Thanks for  
>> not giving up on us - I know the EMF concepts you talk about are  
>> valuable especially when we really trick studio out the way I  
>> dream of.
> Thanks for not blocking me as Spam on the mail list :-).  I know  
> when you are doing a big bang, and this Ole guy starts proposing a  
> big bang on top of the big bang, it can be a little over the top.
> One thing I can do to make it simpler is just create a simple  
> little hello world for it, that will demo the key capabilities that  
> I think will be most valuable for the directory project.  Starting  
> with the simplest XML Schema possible, so that it's much easier to  
> see what's going on and relate the inputs to the outputs.  The  
> XBean Schema generated something like 40 implementation classes  
> (Impl posftixed classes), plus corresponding interfaces.  Even  
> though these are the configuration beans, it's still pretty  
> intensive to think about how the graph of all of those are  
> constructed from loading server.xml, in addition to general EMF  
> design concepts, which is all pattern based.

hmmm.... I'm getting the feeling EMF and jaxb have similar goals....  
jaxb only generates POJOs, not interface/impl split.  This may make  
one or the other easier to deal with, I don't know which yet.

I may try to put together a jaxb demo also

david jencks

> But before we invest time in general, we need to make sure we agree  
> on an understanding of the process in which EMF would be used, the  
> the general requirements it imposes on server components, such that  
> everyone has a chance to see whether they would enjoy that type of  
> development style.
> One thing you mentioned was storing the configuration in the DIT.   
> With the LDAP DAS that would be instant.  Just load the generated  
> model with server.xml, pass it to (model is a  
> reference to the Object that is the root element of server.xml),  
> and it's instantly in the DIT.  Restoring it from the DIT is the  
> same.  DAS.load("DN of root server.xml element");  So there's all  
> sorts of benefits like that end up being enabled, through use of EMF.
> One question that probably should come up during the JPOX  
> collaboration is whether it can support a similar capability.
> So once the dust settle a little, I'll be glad to help further our  
> understanding of ways EMF could be leveraged.
> Have a terrific weekend,
> - Ole

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