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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: About code checking ...
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2008 16:30:03 GMT

On Mar 18, 2008, at 2:50 AM, Felix Knecht wrote:

> Felix Knecht schrieb:
>> Hi Stefan
>>> Hi Felix,
>>> just a stupid question: how could I generate these reports on my  
>>> local machine?
>> There are no stupid questions, only silly answers ;-)
>> You can to 'mvn site:stage-deploy' and should find the generated  
>> stuff somewhere in target/*.
>> for studio e.g. target/staging/ 
>> projects/studio/index.html
> Hmmm... Maybe it's only mvn site:stage.
> But the problem in general is that links among submodules don't  
> seem to work correctly when only staging :-( It exists an issue  
> about this I think.

I was working on this kind of stuff recently and it looked to me like  
site:stage-deploy had very little working functionality.

I ended up with a "local" profile in my settings.xml that overrode  
the site location to somewhere on my machine and running
mvn site:site site:deploy -Plocal


the urls etc in the poms use these variables




probably there's a better way but this is the best I've thought up so  

david jencks

> ATM I'm setting up the CI.
>> I haven't fix the distributionManagement url for all projects yet  
>> and not all are working. ApacheDS gives me some wierd error while  
>> creating the reports - must have something todo with javadocs or  
>> xdoclet tags.
>> HTH
>> Felix
>>> Thanks,
>>> Stefan
>>> Felix Knecht schrieb:
>>>> Here's the index link page. Note that not all project links are  
>>>> having a generated site with reports, so some may miss (404).
>>>> Felix

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