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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: External References of an Apache Directory project
Date Tue, 11 Mar 2008 09:24:11 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny schrieb:
> Felix Knecht wrote:
>> Emmanuel Lecharny schrieb:
>>> Felix Knecht wrote:
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> Hi all
>>>> As I haven't found anything matching I started a new entry to keep 
>>>> the external references of AD projects we have and which may need 
>>>> updates from time to time.
>>>> Hope it's the right place.
>>> I think it would be slightly better to add a new entry in the left 
>>> menu, under 'Resources', something like 'Usefull links'
>> I'm not sure if it is really the same. It's not a resource IMO but a 
>> reminder for developers where an Apache Directory project is link 
>> from and where a potential need exists to update links/summaries. 
>> Under resources I'd expect to get additional information about a 
>> project what is not really the case. OTH it's more obvious for 
>> developers that a need for update may exists and - of course - you 
>> may find other helpfull applications following the given links (as 
>> not only  Apache Directory projects may be listet on the linked sites).
>> So it depends on the intention of the 'Resources' section, which I'm 
>> not up to date.
> Sorry, I think I missed the initial idea (and I also don't really get 
> what you have in mind - language impedance mismatch, ;). Here are some 
> proposals to clarify the different cases (I hope I don't forget any of 
> them, and this list reflect my vision, feel free to share yours !)
> - Do we want to refer the other ASF projects we use ? --> Resources
> - Do we want to link to external projects/tools we use ? --> Community 
> -> Thanks
> - Do we want to mention the other ASF projects using ADS ? --> 
> Testimonies
> - Do we want to list places linking to our project ? --> Testimonies
> btw, I thing Testimonies is not really a perfect name. Would be better 
> to be renamed to 'Testimonies & References".

I try to explain in other words what I have in mind:

We let promote our product by a third party (i.e. eclipse). We could 
also try to get listed at or where 
ever. They are so kind to put our product in their list and we hope that 
it gets more popular. But I think it's up to us to inform them when our 
product has been updated or any new information needs to be put to this 
list. It's up to us to inform them because I don't think they spend 
their time to crawl all their listed stuff to see if something has changed.

My idea was to have a list about where we have promoted our product(s) 
and how to inform the third party that our product has changed and 
the'll kindly need to update their list.

> wdyt ?

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