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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: Why I think Spring + xbean is wrong ...
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 19:57:31 GMT
> You should look at jaxb :-)  The guys who are working on the eclipse 
> plugin for editing geronimo plans are abandoning EMF in favor of jaxb.  
> The simplest use of jaxb is to generate java objects from a schema, but 
> then you can change these generated java objects quite a lot and still 
> have the automatic 2 way mapping between xml and pojos still work.  
> DOM4j is more like using a SAX parser :-)

Cool - I think we're starting to speak the same language now :-).  One thing that would be
really nice is to be able to avoid is the EMF dependency.  Even with a public Maven repository,
it's still of a concern to a lot of developers.  For example when publishing the Directory
for download, there would probably have to be some sort of notice saying it uses EMF, which
is EML licensed.  The other core consideration for Directory is whether it wants to generate
.edit and .editor plugins for Studio.  Something that should be examined, in light of everything
else.  Another broader consideration is that the ecosystem that EMF is a part of as immense
momentum, and the number of tools / frameworks growing up around it is constantly gathering
momentum.  The only way to do that though is to layout a road map for Studio in terms of key
capabilities that should be added over the coming years, and then match that up with what
the EMF project, and corresponding Eco system offers.  The amou
nt of code generation used in developing Studio should also be considered. 

- Ole

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