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From Harakiri <>
Subject Add Interceptor in 1.5.1 programmatically..
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:03:37 GMT

i've had a working interceptor example for ds 1.0 (i
used the as template to create
my own implementation.

I used the config file to add an interceptor but i
want to create a sample partition programatically and
at a interceptor to it.

Anyone has an example ?


i found how to create a samle partition
programatically - however there are some unresolved
depencies im not sure hot to fix - 

in the setUp() method

pcfgs );

is called - but how do i get a reference to the
configuration object ?

With the new ds 1.5.1 release - is there a "better"
way then an interceptor to return data dynamically
upon search request ? I.e. if somebody searches a name
in an ldap addressbook my interceptor will always
return some default values for the search query - so
that always a user will be found - no matter if the
user exists in any backend or not.


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