Hi Felix,

On Feb 5, 2008 8:03 PM, Felix Knecht <felixk@apache.org> wrote:
Of course we can also use any other available server for this if somebody raises the finger saying "I do have enough
space, bandwith, availability and want to host the needed dependencies on my server".

Yes, I could host at pajbam.com. I have more than 500 MB space left on my account.
But I'm not sure it's, once again, the best solution.
I would rather prefer hosting the main repository in an apache server (and not on a private one), while other servers like mine could be used as mirror of course.

It can be a way to go. Change the repository url in the root pom ad check in the dependencies.

Ok, cool.
I will check in the dependencies then and update the pom.xml.
When I started with the maven build for the studio I said to myself "Just take the latest existing dependencies and see
if I can get it work." From my POV there are no objections taking the '8' pom if it fits the needs.

Cool. (I corrected your sentence... ;) )

Go for it. You'll have my nonbinding +1 for sure (what else after the work ;-) ). But I really need to let it up to you
to say if it's stable and usable enough - you have the experience of working/developing studio.

I'll finish everything and I think I'll launch the vote.
It's stable and usable enough.
From some points of view it's even better than the current build system.
For instance, in one command line you can generate all the versions of Studio (mvn clean install -Plinux-i386,win32,macosx) and it takes less time than before.
Really, it's going to help us a lot.
Again, thanks a lot for your help, we would not have been able to move to Maven without your help.