On Feb 1, 2008 8:34 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
In any case, using SNAPSHOTs for other directory parts *is* bad.

Well, sometimes it's the only solution... :(
> During development we use SNAPSHOT dependencies of other directory
> modules.
Not really a good politic. ADS has its own life, and so does Studio, so
as a rule of thumb : *don't* use SNAPSHOT, never !

I agree but Studio uses some parts of ADS. 

> Are the deployed somewhere on a regular base?
They are. As soon as we deliver a release, it's available on Maven repo.
There is no need to use SNAPSHOTs

I'll have to see if it's possible (ie if the latest released version contains all our needed bug fixes). 

> I don't think it's good practice to have a user checkout and build all
> depending directory modules before he's able to build studio from trunk.
That's so true !!!
I agree too, and there is still one thing to fix in the build about that, it's the parent pom of our root pom. ATM it uses ADS pom and we need to build ADS first before building Studio. It's a bit annoying and takes a lot of time. Can we do something about it ?