Alex, Damjan,

Alex Karasulu schrieb:
Hi Damjan,

Anyway I'm interested in improving the DHCP protocol

Looking forward to your working on it.  I will help where I can with integration into the server.  Really the tough part is the wire protocol - the rest we can handle very easily. 
the wire format is, IMHO not/no longer the main problem. We could have a working DHCP implementation with a very reasonable amount of work in the configuration and state-management area. Protocol-wise there is one unresolved issue for which there is no universal and nice solution.

Damjan: for a summary of the problem see here:

Alex, what can we do about the DHCP contribution? I don't think that it would make a lot of sense for Damjan to re-implement the stuff already has. For DHCP, we are not talking about a lot of code - a lot less than even the LDAP mapping. Can't we just contribute this without incubation?

Joerg Henne