I'm using apacheds-1.0.2.
I've googled quite a bit and found several email threads that might be related, but don't seem to find a resolution.

The apacheds-rolling.log spits out
[15:49:50] WARN [org.apache.directory.server.core.normalization.NormalizationService] - undefined filter based on undefined attributeType '&(objectclass' not evaluted at all.  Returning empty enumeration.
This query is trying to find out all the static groups a user is in - we map group membership to roles for a Role Based Access Control security policy.
This query works with all the other LDAP servers I am familiar with.

Known problem? Fixed? What version of apacheds?

I am looking at including an ApacheDS under a future Sybase product to serve as a security store with users/roles pre-configured for demo purposes. I would expect customers to switch over to their corporate security stores before going to production, but ApacheDS seems like a nice starting point for development/demo purposes.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Dave Clegg
Technical Director
Sybase Inc.