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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0 RC
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2008 17:11:34 GMT
Hi all,

Now that we have finished the Maven migration, I think everything is set up
to deliver the 1.1.0 RC release to our users.

Here's the changelog for version 1.1.0 RC:

    * [DIRSTUDIO-142] - Add SASL authentication


    * [DIRSTUDIO-48] - Errors when help is open
    * [DIRSTUDIO-95] - Not returning large queries
    * [DIRSTUDIO-97] - Unable to display attributes of subschemasubentry
cn=schema of TivoliDS 6.0 in Entry Editor
    * [DIRSTUDIO-120] - 100% CPU when deleting thousands of entries
    * [DIRSTUDIO-139] - Operational attributes not shown in the Entry Editor
    * [DIRSTUDIO-152] - New entry creator does not know that 'dc' and
'domainComponent' is the same thing
    * [DIRSTUDIO-154] - Studio getting slower and slower on bulk operations
    * [DIRSTUDIO-161] - Unable to enter Base DN ending in 'dc='
    * [DIRSTUDIO-166] - LDif Import changetype: modify add attribute attrId
is not case insensitive
    * [DIRSTUDIO-184] - Error while reading entry in Active Directory
    * [DIRSTUDIO-191] - Connection Name mess up if it contains non-ascii
    * [DIRSTUDIO-196] - Error dialog displayed after Problems View is closed
    * [DIRSTUDIO-197] - Following referrals throws NPE
    * [DIRSTUDIO-198] - Search string is not working properly with
metacharacters (*, +...)
    * [DIRSTUDIO-201] - Project Name mess up if it contains non-ascii chars
    * [DIRSTUDIO-203] - Help contexts of LDAP Browser does not display in
the Dynamic Help window
    * [DIRSTUDIO-204] - Warning displayed when showing the properties of a
    * [DIRSTUDIO-205] - Windows installer's publisher is set to "Unknown
    * [DIRSTUDIO-206] - Browse does not work in subtree editor base
    * [DIRSTUDIO-210] - Filter parser accepts bad filters
    * [DIRSTUDIO-211] - Connections window doesn't display swedish
characters properly
    * [DIRSTUDIO-213] - NullPointerException raised when selecting an OC
with no alias as a superior in the NewObjectClassWizard
    * [DIRSTUDIO-214] - IllegalArgumentException raised when selecting an AT
with no alias as superior in the NewAttributeTypeWizard
    * [DIRSTUDIO-217] - Eclipse 3.3 New Connections shows "Browser Options"
without possibility to add new address
    * [DIRSTUDIO-220] - lowercase {crypt} in userPassword is an "Unsupported
Hash Method"
    * [DIRSTUDIO-222] - Pb when creating an entry with an invalid atribute
as a RDN
    * [DIRSTUDIO-223] - NullPointerException raised when adding values in
the New Entry Wizard
    * [DIRSTUDIO-224] - Can't Open Schema View with JDK 6.0
    * [DIRSTUDIO-226] - Attribute Type Description is not imported when
reading an OpenLDAP schema file
    * [DIRSTUDIO-230] - Locate Dn in DIT Action does not work well
    * [DIRSTUDIO-233] - Browsing base DN returns [LDAP: error code 10 -
    * [DIRSTUDIO-235] - Non ASCII characters are not rendered properly in
the LDAP Browser View when label is limited to a certain number of
    * [DIRSTUDIO-239] - No error message when importing a bad schema
    * [DIRSTUDIO-242] - Inconsistent state of the Entry Editor after using
"New Value" (or "New Attribute...") and pressing "Escape".
    * [DIRSTUDIO-243] - Modified value of Equality Matching Rule in the
AttributeTypeEditor is not saved
    * [DIRSTUDIO-245] - Apache DS Configuration Plugin cannot parse
server.xml file correctly
    * [DIRSTUDIO-247] - Don't use implicit ManageDsaIT control magic of JNDI
    * [DIRSTUDIO-249] - Modification Logs view does not display request
controls, if sent to the server
    * [DIRSTUDIO-250] - Unable to load entries if RDN is quoted and contains
unescaped comma
    * [DIRSTUDIO-252] - Advanced value editors don't work in NewEntryWizard
    * [DIRSTUDIO-253] - cant open server.xml with directory studio
    * [DIRSTUDIO-258] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when changing Base DN
    * [DIRSTUDIO-259] - NPE when trying to turn back on "save password" on
connection properties
    * [DIRSTUDIO-261] - LDAP Browser shows same root objects two times under
Root DSE
    * [DIRSTUDIO-264] - ldif parser doesn't accept attributes with empty
    * [DIRSTUDIO-267] - Clicking on a bookmark loops and does not display
    * [DIRSTUDIO-269] - Attributes not displayed when browsing BEA Weblogic
embedded LDAP


    * [DIRSTUDIO-37] - Improve authentication methods and security
    * [DIRSTUDIO-119] - Allow user to disabled the Modification logs windows
    * [DIRSTUDIO-123] - Refactor IConnection interface and Connection class
    * [DIRSTUDIO-136] - Remove the "Apache DS" menu from the Java
    * [DIRSTUDIO-138] - Add visual feedback to the user, if SSL (ldaps) is
    * [DIRSTUDIO-156] - useability improvement: when exporting an OU use the
applied filter by default
    * [DIRSTUDIO-187] - Add the ability to organize connections in folders
    * [DIRSTUDIO-189] - Replace connection combo-box with
    * [DIRSTUDIO-195] - Add key bindings to the Schema Editor
    * [DIRSTUDIO-199] - Add scopes for OC and AT in search
    * [DIRSTUDIO-200] - Add an OC and AT hierarchical global view
    * [DIRSTUDIO-202] - Add help contexts to the help plugin of the Schema
    * [DIRSTUDIO-216] - Improve Type Hierarchy View
    * [DIRSTUDIO-221] - Improve Object Class selection in the New Entry
    * [DIRSTUDIO-227] - Add the ability to select OpenLDAP schema files as
core schemas when creating a project
    * [DIRSTUDIO-237] - It would be good to be able to import 'core' schemas
into an existing project
    * [DIRSTUDIO-238] - Automatically add an alias when the 'ok' button is
    * [DIRSTUDIO-240] - Memorize the last import's path
    * [DIRSTUDIO-251] - Replace the Text Widget for the OID in the new AT
and OC wizards by a Drop-Down Combo with history of the last used OIDs
    * [DIRSTUDIO-254] - schema import does not provide error reporting when
parsing schema file
    * [DIRSTUDIO-257] - Use system small fonts on Mac OS X
    * [DIRSTUDIO-275] - Import/Export wizards should display an error if no
Schema Project is open

New Feature

    * [DIRSTUDIO-192] - Add an extension point in the Schema Editor for
    * [DIRSTUDIO-193] - Add the abitilty to import/export the Schema from/to
a directory Server
    * [DIRSTUDIO-194] - Add a SchemaConnector for Apache Directory Server
    * [DIRSTUDIO-246] - Add support for simulated renaming of non-leaf
    * [DIRSTUDIO-248] - Add support for simulated moving of non-leaf entries


    * [DIRSTUDIO-218] - Some packages are not signed
    * [DIRSTUDIO-225] - Update documentation for Schema Editor Plugin
    * [DIRSTUDIO-229] - Replace internal DN/RDN/RDNPart with LdapDN/Rdn/ATAV
of shared-ldap
    * [DIRSTUDIO-236] - Update the Apache DS Configuration plugin to work
with the server.xml file of Apache DS 1.5.1
    * [DIRSTUDIO-265] - Migrate our build system from Ant+Ivy to Maven

Let's vote:
[ ] +1 Release Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0 RC
[ ] +/-0 Abstain
[ ] -1 Do NOT release Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0 RC


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