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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject Re: [Studio] Mavenization status - Remaning issues
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 08:23:51 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

On Feb 1, 2008 7:01 PM, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:

> One more bug, on Mac OSX...
> The (undocumented, as usual ...) maven-depdendency-plugin fails while
> trying to unpack the mac app. The reason is that the file name contains
> spaces. Sadly, Maven plugin are built on top of plexus, which is not an
> Apache piece of code (it's at codehaus), so the only thing we can do is
> to open a JIRA on Maven, which I did. We are not the only ones being hit
> by this bug (

 I also saw the JIRA which seems related to our problem. I suggest we also
open another one for our specific "space" problem.

May be invoking a ant task which will rename the file to Apache
> Directory after the unpack has been done can do the trick
> (yes, I know, it's ugly, but this is the only workthefuckaround I can
> see).

Yes, good idea. A cleaner idea could also be to rewrite the unpack goal of
the plugin in fault using ant tasks (which should be easy and work like a

> I would suggest that we release 1.1 using ant, and forget about maven at
> this point, waiting for a fix.

Well I'm not sure about this.
On one hand, we're very very close to get the build working with Maven, but
on the other hand, we still have a few important issues to fix (like the
location of our repo or this "space bug"...).

I suggest a vote on how to handle the release of the 1.1.0 RC version,
Ant/Ivy or Maven ?

Ant works well, maven is a plague...
> <rant>
> Now, I must say that, once again, maven talks by itself when it comes to
> do "tricky" things ant can do easily. I think Felix and Pierre-Arnaud
> have spent more than one month to "mavenize" Studio, and to some extend,
> I start to think it's a high price to pay to find that :
> - maven is hard when it comes to do things which are not obvious
> - the documentation is a shame, to say the least
> - it's time consuming to establish a working build
> - its code is pretty impossible to read
> - it depends on plexus, which is not an ASF project
> - the logs are pathetic
> - it's *not* a configuration management system
> - it can't be managed by idiots, you have to have a 180 IQ, at least,
> which is far from being my case... (yes, I'm an idiot)
> Get away from maven as much as possible !!!
> </rant>

I won't be so hard with Maven...
I started to like Maven a lot but it's true that when your build process is
a little different than the usal jar file, it takes some time to configure
the plugins correctly.

Each system has its pros and cons and it makes it difficult to clearly get a
winner out of the comparison.

In our case, the idea of using a single build system in the whole directory
project makes that our choice goes to Maven. It will clearly be a great
benefit for our project when all its subprojects will have the same build
Even if it's painful to set up...


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