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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: [Studio] Mavenization status - Remaning issues
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 19:03:42 GMT
Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot schrieb:
> Hi all,
> Here is a status on the last issues we have, and some proposals to solve 
> them.
> *• Studio Maven Repository*
> The Studio Maven Repository is currently located at 
> This is not really an ideal situation and we have to find it a better 
> solution.
> If all the Eclipse dependencies we need were on the standard Maven 
> repositories, Emmanuel and I think we could get rid of our project 
> specific repository by deploying our studio related jars 
> (studio-launcher, studio-dsml-parser, etc.) on those standard Maven 
> repositories. This way all our dependencies would be on Maven repositories.

Of course we can also use any other available server for this if somebody raises the finger
saying "I do have enough 
space, bandwith, availability and want to host the needed dependencies on my server".

> As we can't do that at the moment, I propose we switch back to a local 
> maven repository located inside SVN.
> This is exactly like we're doing with Ant/Ivy at the moment.
> It takes some extra time when doing a checkout, but it does not create 
> overload on the <> server each 
> time we build Studio.
> I remember, we had that in place some time ago in the Maven build. I 
> also remember there were minor issues, but I can't remember exactly what 
> they were (something like a $local-repository folder created I think). 
> Can someone help me recover my memories ?

Yes, this were the problems we have and probably will have again.

> Do you think this is a suitable solution and, Felix, it is possible to 
> come back to this solution ?

It can be a way to go. Change the repository url in the root pom ad check in the dependencies.

> *• Parent Pom*
> We currently depend on the 9-SNAPSHOT version of the Directory project pom.
> This situation forces us to checkout and build Apache DS first, before 
> building Apache Directory Studio.
> It takes a lot of time... :(
> I would suggest we use the 8 version of the Directory project pom, the 
> last published version available.
> WDYT ?*

When I started with the maven build for the studio I said to myself "Just take the latest
existing dependencies and see 
if I can get it work." From my POV there are objections taking the '8' pom if it fits the

> • Apache DS and Shared dependencies*
> The last problem we face is our dependencies to jars of the Apache DS 
> project.
> The Shared dependencies are no longer a problem as we'll have a new 
> version released especially for Studio very soon (tomorrow maybe...).
> The Apache DS dependencies have been checked by Emmanuel and he told me 
> that we can use the 1.5.1 version (available on Maven repositories).
> So, there should be no more dependencies issues.
> With the 2 last problems resolved, we won't need anymore to checkout and 
> build Apache DS prior to building Apache Directory Studio and we'll 
> have, I think, a working and release ready Maven build.

Hip hip hurry :-)

> A build system which could be subject to a vote for switching to it...

Go for it. You'll have my nonbinding +1 for sure (what else after the work ;-) ). But I really
need to let it up to you 
to say if it's stable and usable enough - you have the experience of working/developing studio.


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