Thanks for the status update: really appreciated.  I'll hopefully have a good Cursor progress report for you next week.


On Jan 27, 2008 6:32 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

just to inform you that I'm slowly progressing. I just removed all the
references to [Basic]Attribute[s][Impl] for the Modify operation. The
remaining references  :

Attributes : 1384/1920 ( 201/696 in core src )
Attribute : 1029/1337 ( 106/383 in core src)
AttributesImpl : 547/625 ( 33/50 in core src )
AttributeImpl : 712/882 ( 597 in core src )
BasicAttributes : 32/34 ( 0/0 in core src )
BasicAttribute : 26/38 ( 0/7 in core src )

( The number after '/' represents the number before I started the cleanup)

You have to know that many of those Attributes are found in tests,
roughly half of them. The most important part of the migration is to be
done in core and in mitosis, and it's 70% done, so we are close to the

The next step will be to remove ModifcationItems and use the ServerEntry
into the backend.

My estimation is that it should be done by feb, 15th !

Thanks !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny