Make sure if you create indices on the attributes that you use in the search and make sure that you reload the data.  Yeah you need to rebuild that index or it will not function properly.  More data is needed though to understand what's going on.

We had an API tool that allowed rebuilding an index but that got tossed to the side.  It needs to be put back and enabled before users like you are screwed.


On Jan 24, 2008 9:55 AM, Siva Kumar <> wrote:


    We are using OpenLDAP currently and attempting to move to ApacheDS.

    With 40K entries on my persons tree, my preferences api lookup
takes enormous amount time. I have all the main attributes added on the
index configuration on the server.xml.

    Could anyone help.?

       How would I be able to work it out if my index configuration is
really working?

       Why my search takes this longer? (Compared to same entries on
OpenLDAP its look unrealistic. Some lookups takes more then a
minute)(It's the same case with 20K or 30K entries.)

       Any optimization tips?

     Thanks in advance to any help.

Siva Kumar